DUDE, i made that game gish.. remember gish.. that game that came out like 3 years ago that never went anywhere.. that one. im cool you fucking assholes. oh also super meat boy

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Bluebaby's News

Posted by Bluebaby - October 12th, 2010

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"one of the best platformers I've ever played." -Joystiq 4.5/5

"SMB is easily one of the best games available on Xbox Live Arcade and should be considered one of the finest 2D platformers ever made."

8 days to go!


Posted by Bluebaby - May 22nd, 2010

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So this March after GDC i had the honor of being documented and interviewed for an upcoming feature length documentary by Blink Works called"Indie Game: The Movie". The video above was a teaser trailer Blink Works did for the movie in hopes people would donate to help fund the film.

They were asking for 15k using kickstarter, but acquired 20K in donations the 1st 2 days of asking for funds. But if you still feel like donating to help further development you can donated a few bucks here.

They also released another video showing my wife Danielle making a meat boy plush...

/* */
If you look close you can see a few NG related things laying around (note the mindchamber patch! REPRESENT!)

Anyway i thought id share that, Tommy and i are only 2 of quite a few devs they will be interviewing and with a trailer like that i really think this could be something quite amazing.

what do you think?


Posted by Bluebaby - May 15th, 2010

NG's own Meat Boy is going head to head with other mainstream xbla games in this mountain dew contest on gametrailers.com.

The contest is being held here
http://www.gametrailers.com/dewmocracy .php

and you can vote as many times as you want!

Heres the new gameplay trailer we made for the contest.

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Support meat boy!


Posted by Bluebaby - May 7th, 2010

Any one of you can own Gish, World of Goo, Aquaria, Lugaro and Penumbra for whatever you feel like paying.. and i mean anything.

For the next 4 days us indies are giving our games to you for whatever you want to pay for them a portion of what we make will go to charity, and hell if you want you can choose to give 100% of your donation to one or both of the charities we are supporting.

Support independent art!
Support indie video games!
and support our ability to have the freedom to do something like this!

Buy the Humble bundle now!

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Spread this link around!


Posted by Bluebaby - April 3rd, 2010


Remember way back in the day when you loved a game so much that you
would buy ANYTHING that had to do with it? Remember Easter, when you
had to go to your Great Aunts house to celebrate with the family, and
you knew you would be bored in the car and the only thing you could
bring was a crappy handheld version of some game you loved (for me it
was Megaman 2) and you had no choice but to play it in the car and at
her house because she was born in like the 1890's and didn't even have
a VCR? Those were great days...and now, we at Team Meat, are giving
you the ability to do that ALL OVER AGAIN ON YOUR IPHONE, IPOD AND

Super Meat Boy Handheld
is all the branding of Super Meat Boy, without
the actual gameplay or art from Super Meat Boy...and all for ONLY A
DOLLAR. Enjoy two distinct game modes. In Game A, you have to race and
wall jump past saws to save your lady love Bandage Girl!!! In Game B,
you have to race past falling needles to save your lady love, Bandage
Girl!!! Super Meat Boy Handheld also features a mute button, and a
button that when pressed shows you a high score (not your high score,
just the highest score you can get).

Super Meat Boy Handheld is available on the iTunes AppStore for only
Pick it up
today, brag to your friends, and support Super Meat Boy!!



Team Meat

Super Meat Boy Iphone app!


Posted by Bluebaby - March 20th, 2010

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Super Meat Boy interview at GDC (the game play is old).

NEWGROUNDS.com Mutha fuckas!!!!



Posted by Bluebaby - February 23rd, 2010

We finally announced today that Super Meat Boy will now also be heading to Xbox Live as well as Wiiware, Pc and Mac.

SMB will launch later this year, all versions will come out in the same month but the xbla version will come out first due to "contractual obligations"

Tommy and i are super hyped about the news, i hope you xbox360 owners are as well :).

Anyone own a ps3?

We are still giving away free comics every friday on our twitter

and also, thanks to all the fans and to newgrounds for making meat boy popular enough to land us this deal!

-Team Meat

Meat Boy on XBLA!


Posted by Bluebaby - January 30th, 2010

So ive obviously been slacking when it comes to updating the blog.. i think we will have something automated from our twitter soon enough as well as a whole site revamp in the coming weeks, but for now ill play a little catch up and post a months worth of notable twitter updates.

http://twitpic.com/1090uv - Super Meat Boy on the cover of Pc Gamer! OMFGLOLZERS(well kinda)

http://bit.ly/aKGGOP - Interview with Kombo.com featuring CRAZY INFO! (not really but still check it out)

http://elder-geek.com/ - Very fun podcast we did with them the other day is up, also a neato cover image as well! check it out.

http://twitpic.com/zobmg - Near final cover image for SMB issue #2 coming out at GDC!

http://twitpic.com/zobtw - Also Here's the process of creation for that cover for those interested.

http://bit.ly/7pm8Zp - SMB road to the IGF interview (gamasutra)

http://bit.ly/8voSae - Dtiod article, A behind the scenes look at Super Meat Boy. (good read)

http://bit.ly/5htp4w - 1st impressions of the IGF build of SMB, and new screen shots of the build (nintendo life)

http://bit.ly/dz8TD - 6 new SMB screen shots showing ch2, new retro levels and mechanics like fans and keys!

http://bit.ly/7Hj9kK - Super meat boy comics are now on sale! (finally). these comics are limited, not that many are left. (bonus surprises)

More infoz....

-SMB will easily have over 10 hours of gameplay for the expert gamer and WAYYYY beyond that for the average one.

-Flywrench will be a playable character in Super Meat Boy!

-Due to the addition of 150 more levels and other extras SMB will be pushed back from the Q1 release date but not by a ton.


This month is going to be crazy, we will have ch3 finished and playable for GDC, the second Meat Boy comic printed out (its 20 pages!) new video footage will be posted showing the games 2nd chapter and boss in action as well as a very big announcement that should make a lot of you guys VERY happy.

its been a crazy month to start a hopefully equally crazy year! oh and we are still giving away free comics every Friday on twitter, so follow us!.

-Team Meat

Meat Boy on the cover of Pc Gamer (kinda)


Posted by Bluebaby - December 28th, 2009

This week, as a new years/xmas gift we will be giving away 5 super meat boy comics!

To win a comic just send us an image of yourself with something meat related, i'll use Mikes pic one more time as the perfect example. (at the bottom of this post)

The top 5 pics submitted by new years win free comics (and a bonus xmas surprise!)

You can submit a link to us via twitter (http://twitter.com/SuperMeatBoy), or comment a link to your pic on this post.

Good luck!

-Team Meat

Super Meat Boy Comic Giveaway


Posted by Bluebaby - December 16th, 2009

Area5.tv came by last week to play Meat Boy on the Pc.
The got some really great footage of hands on gameplay in its current beta state. Loads of new info, video and content shown and talked about.


sadly i cant seem to imbed this video.

Either way its a must see for anyone interested in Super Meat Boy.

also ive started working on the salt factor this week, fans of the flash game will remember this one :).

Oh also anyone who wants a meat boy comic, we will be giving a few away this friday on our twitter, be ready!

Till next time!

New Meat Boy preview video!