DUDE, i made that game gish.. remember gish.. that game that came out like 3 years ago that never went anywhere.. that one. im cool you fucking assholes. oh also super meat boy

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Look at his eyes, he's totally saying "The fuck is the mass effect?!?!? Taking my coverpage......".

But anyway, can't weight to use my wii for something other than a wifi paperweight.

i've also read the news about super meat boy in the biggest russian Game magazine "Igromania" and damn, it was really good! 4 pages of meat boys, Tims, Meat girls, Doc-Fetuses and Alien Hominids!

i wish i had a copy of that

I'm glad to see such progress with the game and that you get the much needed attention necessary for exposing the game (and you) for all to see. I hope the game becomes nothing less than a success, I think it is unquestionably a well deserved outcome for all the hard work you've done all those years as an indie developer. Man, I sort of almost envy you in a way =)
I wish you good luck with the project.

thanks a ton lonstar i really appriciate that

nice! (kinda)

Everything looks so promising,but who is 'Meat Boy' ?

Stop leaving post-game news!!
Its too teasing >:U

Awesome! Congratulations on all of the exposure mate, you really deserve it and I cant see how this is going to do anything but sell by the bucket loads! Just dont forget your roots, not that I can see that happening :)

I dont have a Wii so cant buy the game, but I ordered a comic, Im looking forward to having some of your artwork in my office to inspire me!

I am so pirat... <cough> getting this game when it comes out!

I kid, I kid. I will actually spend the necessary amount of dollars/pounds/euros/yens/<insert currency here> to buy the game, specially since you guys are releasing it on the PC!

And nice to see all the attention SMB is getting! But I hope that you guys aren't using the hype machine a little too early. After all, SMB still has a long way to go...

Oh, and I love the pics of both of you wearing those strikingly good looking sweaters! So 80s Bill Gates, just marvelous!


NICE JOB DOGG! Now if you can just get your mug up on PC gamer ;)

the more coverage you get the more excited i am to see super meat boy coming out for the wii


I bet Meat Boy's mad cos he found out there's no lesbians in Mass Effect 2.

PCgamer front cover?

no fuckin way dude, Kick ass!

congrats on this!


Well, congrats on that spot on the cover!

Also Team Meat sounds like a porn industry

i saw it was in gamepro as well

its still on the front, just very small... but that's better than most can say...nice one! =D can't wait for it!!!

about SMB, is it better to get it on the wii or on the pc?

btw nice job getting on the cover of pc gamer!! cant wait for the game :D

technicaly it will look better on the pc, and steam will have achevements, and eventually an editor down the road.

but you might have other options as well

I just got the new GamePro magazine and as i flipped through the pages, i notice
Super Meat Boy.

Wow, your game must be this popular.

pffft, i'd rather have super meat boy than mass effect

if you don't mind me asking, what happened to "No Quarter"?

I left Cryptic Sea when things got rocky last year. NQ is in limbo right now, im not sure if/when ill work on it again.

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