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Meat Boy on XBLA!

2010-02-23 01:49:59 by Bluebaby

We finally announced today that Super Meat Boy will now also be heading to Xbox Live as well as Wiiware, Pc and Mac.

SMB will launch later this year, all versions will come out in the same month but the xbla version will come out first due to "contractual obligations"

Tommy and i are super hyped about the news, i hope you xbox360 owners are as well :).

Anyone own a ps3?

We are still giving away free comics every friday on our twitter

and also, thanks to all the fans and to newgrounds for making meat boy popular enough to land us this deal!

-Team Meat

Meat Boy on XBLA!


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2010-02-23 01:51:21



2010-02-23 01:56:14

Only the announcment that everyone's been waiting for... but now you leave me with the question... Which version? Should I get the wii for it's retro-ness, the xbox because it's my main console that I play, or PC because I'm on it for most of the day...

Bluebaby responds:

each one will have its advantages.. id buy it for whatevers the easiest for you to play on.


2010-02-23 02:11:08

Make another youtube video making fun of Game review writers XD


2010-02-23 02:30:37

Holy shit how much money are you making with this game?


2010-02-23 02:43:41

I want it for my atari please

Bluebaby responds:

how about nes?


2010-02-23 02:58:25


Thank You!

How many points again?

Bluebaby responds:

we dont have a set price yet, but probably around the same as other larger scale indies games on the systems


2010-02-23 03:05:25

I do own an Xbox but wont buy it off XBLA.. I will however buy it when it comes to PS3 or Wii. I would prefer to get it on the PS3 though.

How come it was announced for Wii only first? But now 360 has a timed exclusive?

Bluebaby responds:

because it took time to finalize the contract with MS :(.

we made sure that we said we wanted to release on all systems if possible in all interviews and pushed the fact that it wasnt a wiiware exclusive from the start, but the press mostly picked up on the wiiware aspect of the game.

the actual "game" is totally the same on all systems though you will be playing the same thing on each one, the extras are just.. extras.

ps3 isnt out of the question but theres a good chance that if we do release on ps3 it wont be till later. Tommys the only one doing the programming on super meat boy so he can only do so much.


2010-02-23 03:24:57

I don't have an Xbox, but congratulations man. I would be SO stoked if I had accomplished something like this. I enjoy the game very much, too, so I'm glad it's out in the eyes of the non-Flash public!


2010-02-23 04:35:08

Would be nice to have it on my ps3. I GUESS I'll just have to buy it on my mac though. Is there a set release date yet?


2010-02-23 04:40:34

So will the release date be postponed?

Bluebaby responds:

we will launch on all systems later this year, we actually had to push back due to the addition of 150 more levels for ALL systems.

we are almost over the hump though


2010-02-23 05:07:35



2010-02-23 05:12:44

how many Microsoft points will it cost?


2010-02-23 05:29:06

I own a PS3 and I would definitely buy it if it came to the PSN.


2010-02-23 05:52:24

Certainly a smart move for those wanting to try before buying.


2010-02-23 06:22:06

That is awesome, congrats man! Now you just need a PS3 version and I can play it :)

The super Meat Boy comics are awesome by the way, I love the retro feel of the front cover, it looks wicked on my mantle piece next to Moles Town!


2010-02-23 06:34:28

I have a PS3 but i also have a Wii so I'm all set I guess.


2010-02-23 06:36:05

awsome buddy i will buy xbox 360 just for this (lol) or i will steal my brothers one
i an not shour


2010-02-23 06:41:18



2010-02-23 06:50:53

i dont have an xbox


2010-02-23 06:55:36

dude on one commercial a couple of nights ago i actually saw them mention meatboy but i cant remember why.

thought i'd give you a heads up.


Bluebaby responds:

commercial where?


2010-02-23 07:34:07

oh hey will it be on steam

Bluebaby responds:



2010-02-23 07:36:04


I don't have to buy a Wii now.


2010-02-23 08:33:19


This will be the only indie game I purchase off XBOX Live for 2010.
I do solemnly swear.


2010-02-23 09:53:09

PS3 plz?

It must be a bitch to program so much on different consoles. But if you made a PS3 version... I dunno, profit maybe? I would buy it at least.


2010-02-23 09:54:43

I heard that the Xbox version will be getting online play and a level editor that the Wiiware version is not getting, is this true? If it is, I don't blame you at all. Wiiware has a ridiculously small file size limit (correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember reading somewhere the limit is only 40 MB! I've seen some flash games bigger than that!) and Wiiware has little to no online support. Anyway, can't wait, I'm gonna buy it.

Bluebaby responds:

we did run into file size issues and limitations with online play on the wii. the things we couldnt do on the wii turned into the extras we had to give to MS to land the deal.. but the extras are just that ... extras.

sadly there will be no level editor for either console due to new regulations about user made content (basicly we have to have a team of peopel checking every submitted level for bad content in order for it to happen).

these regulations dont apply to PC, so we might release a free editor to the pc version later on.


2010-02-23 10:05:58

at the absolute minimum, i'll download the arcade trial, though i'll end up buying it at some point....especially if there are good achievements and/or cool avatar things


2010-02-23 11:09:38



2010-02-23 11:47:22

Can I be CowGirl?


2010-02-23 11:58:14


from first flash game ever submitted to NG, straight to XBox live arcade!!!

Jonathan Mcentee must be soo proud AND excited!


2010-02-23 12:52:58

Yeah, I got a PS3... so I guess I won't be getting it : /

Bluebaby responds:

you have a pc as well


2010-02-23 13:26:48

Consider it already purchased.

I've been following all the news for this game the whole time and I don't even have a Wii. So now I have a reason to read all this shtuff.


2010-02-23 13:37:17

yey another good game on xbox live arcade. I wants!


2010-02-23 13:43:12

yeeeeeeeees this is awsome news need some minutes to calm down


2010-02-23 13:55:08

Sweeeeeeeeeet, I will get the Pc version as soon as its out!


2010-02-23 14:16:20

Give us some PS3 love! Or the NES - whichever would be cheaper to produce. Man, what I would give for an NES cart of this.


2010-02-23 15:15:21

I will get it as soon as it's released on Steam. :D


2010-02-23 15:41:03

aw yes! sold!

hey, you could allways release an editor for the PC, then sell the top 50 user-made levels later as Xbox DLC.


2010-02-23 15:44:44

also didnt fez do the pixelated TV screen release announcement image?

also you were funny on tigradio


2010-02-23 16:20:31

Congratulations. I'll tell my brother to get it.


2010-02-23 16:25:20

I'm buying all three! :D


2010-02-23 16:47:18

I dont get why, but Just about every major Download is realesed over XBL before any thing else, Im personally happy about this, since i have an X360, but Castle crashers Did it, and So did the Bad Company 2 Demo


2010-02-23 16:54:03

Rock on, Edmund! And yes, I own a PS3 so I await the next announcement and I want a PickleMan exclusive for that version ;)


2010-02-23 17:38:44

lol fail!


2010-02-23 17:43:16

I own a PS3, be kind and get it over on PSN NOAW


2010-02-23 18:43:56

Shame about the level editor. It's the man's issues like that which stops us getting the true Lego game we desire.


2010-02-23 18:55:02

Got PS3,Wii,360,andPC
Im set for whatever you throw at me lol


2010-02-23 20:25:04

Buying it without a doubt.
I had heard rumors, and it's true!


2010-02-23 20:29:22

pfff, fuck xbla. I'm gonna get it on wiiware


2010-02-23 20:31:52

I think you forgot to add PS3. It's supposed to be there.


2010-02-23 23:14:28

ill get it for xbox