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Indie Game: The Movie!

2010-05-22 03:55:17 by Bluebaby

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So this March after GDC i had the honor of being documented and interviewed for an upcoming feature length documentary by Blink Works called"Indie Game: The Movie". The video above was a teaser trailer Blink Works did for the movie in hopes people would donate to help fund the film.

They were asking for 15k using kickstarter, but acquired 20K in donations the 1st 2 days of asking for funds. But if you still feel like donating to help further development you can donated a few bucks here.

They also released another video showing my wife Danielle making a meat boy plush...

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If you look close you can see a few NG related things laying around (note the mindchamber patch! REPRESENT!)

Anyway i thought id share that, Tommy and i are only 2 of quite a few devs they will be interviewing and with a trailer like that i really think this could be something quite amazing.

what do you think?


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2010-05-22 04:03:44

Gratz dude, you deserve it.
Hope the movie is going to be as good as the 4 minute interview with you.


2010-05-22 04:13:44

Well i'd never heard of the movie before this post but now i'm rather excited for it. It has excellent production value and the content that you provided was just excellent. A very touching story with the grandma :)

Happy 50th blog entry too i see :P


2010-05-22 04:53:21

Man, that almost made me choke up.
Look really interesting, CAN'T WAAAAIT.


2010-05-22 05:06:41

These clips are really heart warming. :)


2010-05-22 05:33:34

Youre beard looking stunning in 720p. Nice Tool t shirt!

My girlfriend got me a Meat Boy plush for my 21st, I love it!


2010-05-22 05:38:26

I just lost the game. :3


2010-05-22 06:40:34

I never leave comments on this site, But dude I just watched the intro And you seem like such a nice dude so honest! I really enjoyed the trailer. There really is something great about you


2010-05-22 06:53:29

awesome. inspiring. i always enjoyed your stuff. not THAT stuff u pervert! only thing you think about is meat now?


2010-05-22 07:57:29

that was very nice


2010-05-22 08:38:11

they should give some of the proceeds of the extra money to charity or start a 'rising inie game developer fund or something'. Ive always gotten a bitter taste in my mouth from places that ask for donations, reached their goal and continue to rake in money anyway. People banded together and helped reach that goal why not use the excess to give back to people?

Bluebaby responds:

i hear what youre saying but when your broken its hard not to take the money directed towards you and what youre working on.

if anything simply making this film about indie games will get a lot of attention turned back towards the indies either way, so in that way they are giving back to us.


2010-05-22 08:54:41

Garbage Pail Kids is so you

and yeah I saw this and its gonna be magnificent


2010-05-22 09:05:56

Btw I just downloaded the Meat Boy microgame for Warioware DIY.


2010-05-22 11:01:17

I randomly discovered the Kickstarter for this movie on the second day and I was surprised to see how much money they got already.

Looks very interesting though, definitly will check it out.


2010-05-22 12:25:15

art direction looks pretty good for the documentary


2010-05-22 14:20:55

Very high quality stuff! It's always fun to see developers behind the scenes, and see through their eyes.

Great stuff! Keep on going


2010-05-22 15:14:45

It is always great to so indie developers supported in such ways. Congratulations on being part of this documentary.


2010-05-22 17:47:17

wow. its really good to know that someone like me grew up to be successful like you. i'm really glad i watched this, thanks edmund. i'm gonna go play some gish


2010-05-22 18:04:03

Your wife has some bad ass tattoos.


2010-05-22 18:49:12

wait a minute...your beard in that pic is inaccurate too the real thing D: [shock,horror]


2010-05-22 21:05:54

Video games are not art. I read it on Roger Ebert.


2010-05-22 21:15:40

I should make Indie Movie :: The Game
It's a game where yyou have to ask for donations, and buy cameras and stuff, and then you have to find developers to interview...
K I'm done lol


2010-05-22 23:43:05

I don't understand Hideo Kojima. He insists video games aren't and never will be an art. But video games are art even by dictionary definition, and that's so obvious in games like Time Fcuk, Gish, and Aether. Lovely interview clip, I found it informative and interesting.


2010-05-23 00:49:54

Congratulations, awesomes to you.


2010-05-29 15:47:29

I remember when I used to talk to you and your wife on AIM when I was a little ass kid. You were obsessed with Conker's Bad Fur Day, and thisisacryforhelp was still alive. Good times. I'm happy to see you're doing well for yourself!! Can't wait to see this flick...


2010-06-01 16:36:00



2010-06-03 07:41:48

Hey when you will release Gish 2 ???
Or you wont bring it out ? :(


2010-06-09 17:06:04

cool video's but i tried finding a demo of Gish and i tried looking for Gish at the store and can't find it anywhere :(
Not even the demo........
can you send me a link?


2010-06-10 09:21:47

Off-topic, but did you know Google recognizes Time Fcuk?
If you type in "time fkuc", it says "Did you mean 'time fcuk'?"


2010-06-18 14:37:13

wow i like your work but i never knew how people get so personal with there work good job

im buy in super meat boy on steam


2010-06-21 16:05:36

I've really been getting into indie games lately. But I gotta ask ya man, what is an indie game really? I mean, I've played Braid and Flower, and I'm looking forward to playing Castle Crashers when it comes to PSN. Braid and Flower are some of the best games I've ever played, and Castle Crashers looks like mad fun. Super Meat Boy looks awesome BTW, and I hope you get a chance to make a PSN version. But I've been a fan of your games for quite some time now. And I've checked out some games by a guy named Daniel Benmergui who made some really cool (but short) games. I'm wondering why flash games are considered indie games though. I've played tons of flash games, but they're not really the same as full console video games. I hope you can answer my questions. I've really been getting into indie video games, and I figured you could answer some of my questions. And here I find a trailer of you in a documentary for indie games, which further proves my point that you're the guy that can help me the most. Sorry if this post seems long and tedious...

Bluebaby responds:

indie game means Independent game. i just means the games not being controled or funded by anyone but the people developing it.


2010-06-23 11:35:28

Cool, Can't Wait


2010-06-30 00:38:38

Do you know what would be nice and honest? If you gave super meat boy out for free, but what's an artist without some kind of monetary incentive right? Because art is all about money? Is it for the console exposure so that more people will see and enjoy your "art"? I mean people threw cash at you when you were in the hospital, nice way to give back to the community by using them as monetary tools to climb in the corporate ladder of video games, so that you can one day be recognized by a game mega-corporation such as NIntendo and be hired to make their "art", for profit. Isn't that every artists dream? Sacrificing any sort of meaning and emotion in their work for money? Sure seems to be Shigeru Myamoto's, milking that "casual game" wagon for the past few years. Hell do you see how many Tower Defense clones their are on the web? Making clones of simplistic games for profit, that's what the flash community has been ever since sponsorship and ad revenue came about. Are there any true artistic "indie gamers" left? Or is everything just for monetary incentive now? The Indie game development community sickens me, and I used to kind of look up to you as an artist. But I feel latley, you've just been milking meat boy for monetary incentive, and "fame", sacrificing any sense of art for goals of climbing the corporate ladder.

Bluebaby responds:

you're an idiot.


2010-07-01 04:15:16

Hey man I can't wait for Super MeatBoy! I have a question, Will Super MeatBoy be available for download on pc?

If not I shall buy (or steal) a Wii.

Bluebaby responds:

yes, we will be selling it off steam, direct to drive and our own site.


2010-07-01 11:57:40

Looks great!

Also: Melvins, fuck yeah!


2010-07-03 12:48:40

This movie looks like it could be really interesting to watch.
I hope it becomes the King of Kong of Indie Games :3
I love king of Kong, but i think its more inspiring to watch the people that make the games, and not the ones that play them.

Makes me want to make flash games myself.

I'm looking forward to Super meatboy..even if the difficulty will probably make me despise the world and everything in it.. >:3


2010-07-03 14:27:51

i bought the shirt ('o')


2010-07-15 19:35:10

Those two clips were great, and hear you talk about the stuff you did when you were growing up were heartwarming. And I will only hope for the best, for both you and your wife.

And @Hapless, if you are reading this :P, I think Super Meat Boy will be on Steam for PC and maybe somewhere else. I'm not sure but I know I have seen it there. :D


2010-07-16 17:51:45

Hey i just got Gish and.....Why can't i make it past the 7 plains of hehenna?


2010-07-19 16:24:25

There should be skins for meat boy so you can play as dr. fetus and bandage girl in SMB, I really liked playing as dr.fetus in meat boy, and if you are putting some form of multiplayer which I doubt, it could be useful to tell players apart.


2010-07-19 22:25:30

Hey, about Gish....Why does the gameplay feel like a complicated version of LittleBigPlanet?And why is there a level editor i can't use? And why is Chuck Norris behind me....?



*sweet21 runs and crys*
Chuck: "IT'S TIME TO DIE EDMUND!!!!!!!1111"

*To be continued*

Btw im in Egypt now :|


2010-08-07 18:12:00

fuck u


2010-08-16 17:37:57

I have no idea what this is all about, but there should be tri-achnid plush toys XD, I would so buy one.


2010-09-08 13:59:51

the super meat boy pc this for what date?


2010-10-02 10:38:48

I'm having a hard time figuring out whether or not there will be a tri-achnid two, quick answer please? Wow there is no way to ask a question without sounding like an idiot....


2010-10-24 21:28:49

I'm buying your game now bitch. just cuz of this.