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You want Gish and World of Goo? name your price!

2010-05-07 01:08:53 by Bluebaby

Any one of you can own Gish, World of Goo, Aquaria, Lugaro and Penumbra for whatever you feel like paying.. and i mean anything.

For the next 4 days us indies are giving our games to you for whatever you want to pay for them a portion of what we make will go to charity, and hell if you want you can choose to give 100% of your donation to one or both of the charities we are supporting.

Support independent art!
Support indie video games!
and support our ability to have the freedom to do something like this!

Buy the Humble bundle now!

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2010-05-07 01:11:01

doesn't work for $0

Bluebaby responds:

paying something means you have to pay something you cant pay nothing just put in .01


2010-05-07 01:13:02

Oh hey, Santa Cruz isn't far from me.

Also, sadly own those games already.

Bluebaby responds:

own them again! there are also max and Linux versions of all games as well


2010-05-07 01:15:58

Give me the game how?

Bluebaby responds:

click the fucking link!


2010-05-07 01:19:39

I drew you naked once, so lets call it even.


2010-05-07 01:25:36

wish i could, my paypal is empty


2010-05-07 01:35:58

But I already own the Windows, Mac, Linux, and Atari versions of those games. :(


2010-05-07 01:39:54

FFFUUUU why do I have to not have a credit card/paypal/anything? Even I could afford this.


2010-05-07 02:07:23

So I could be a total dick and put in -$100? Seriously, I could use the money.


2010-05-07 02:14:23

Dude I'm about to buy gish and world of goo for real!!!! Oh can't wait to get my birthday money friday!!!!!!!


2010-05-07 02:18:39

Already own Gish, bought the pack though. Even if I don't like/play all of the games, it's a good cause all around! Amazing offer!


2010-05-07 02:18:49

I knew that left over $2.00 on paypal would come in handy.


2010-05-07 02:38:55

Very cool, thanks for sharing bro. ^5


2010-05-07 03:10:06

Already bought it, man. Fuck, Penumbra is a scary game.


2010-05-07 03:15:20

I love you now. I originally had to buy Gish twice for $6 and then $20. I could have put a penny, but as my income is minimal, I put $5 in. All to charity ftw.


2010-05-07 04:54:51

Thank you


2010-05-07 05:21:48

Already got it :D

that penumbra overture scared the shit out of me :P


2010-05-07 06:28:23

I've already bought this and I've only downloaded World of Goo from the pack so far. Very happy indeed, I've not bought an indie game for some time!


2010-05-07 06:58:07

Brilliant! I'm gonna get this instead of the MW:2 map pack as Activision are such massive cunts, much better value for money even if i donate double the £10 and 99 fucking pence.

Thanks a lot!


2010-05-07 07:20:42

I wish I could, but my PayPal is fail sauce. Sorry. D;


2010-05-07 07:41:05

saw this a few days ago. bought it for $20. been trying to get my hands on gish. extremely fun game.


2010-05-07 09:05:54

I'd do this just for gish, or penumbra.


2010-05-07 10:02:37

Lagaru is a freaking weird game. :P
Though I like the jump physics.


2010-05-07 10:49:16

Finally Gish is in my possession. FINALLY!!!!


2010-05-07 11:12:33

Donated 1$ and i feel like a total douchebag :C
But oh well, atleast iam contributing cough for free games cough


2010-05-07 11:52:37

That.... is amazing.... thankyou....


2010-05-07 13:38:21

I already have the World of Goo soundtrack and I like that better than the demo I played. Never played any of the others but I want to play Gish the most OF COURSE

If only I had a Paypal...


2010-05-07 14:49:20

I remember when world of goo did this a while ago. I think it kind of dilutes how much impact it has if you do a bunch o games at once.

I think you should've done Gish this week, Aquaria next week n so on. I think that would've bin more interesting.


2010-05-07 17:11:08

Shame I get charged extra by my bank or something for purchasing stuff from america :(
Pretty Stupid, any way, these games are fucking awesome, Already got w.o.g on my wii. But still goddamned awesome. Love it.
Btw, I donated $1 to the developers


2010-05-07 17:51:05

I gave $5
I would have gave more but I already own gish and world of goo


2010-05-07 18:27:51

Hell, I'd pay at least 5 bucks for that, it even goes to charity too apparently. Awesome man :D


2010-05-07 18:51:26

wait wait you made world of goo


2010-05-07 19:26:48

second time i've bought gish, world of goo is shit fun ;>


2010-05-07 19:54:47

Super Meat Boy better have a level editor!


2010-05-07 22:28:40

ahhhh being broke sucks.
Next bit of change i get iIll be all over em.

Thanks for posting it up


2010-05-09 00:08:08

This is a fantastic campaign idea, and I'm now a proud owner of the "Humble Indie Bundle" collection. You should recommend "" to extend the time limit for a few more days, and let the word spread around the globe a little bit more, and let it work its magic. I hope you get some of that well deserved money, and not the US Treasury :)


2010-05-12 22:52:41

Your blog post showed me to the bundle, and I thought it was a great idea and gave $25. But now, what's even more awesome, is the source code for 4 of the 5 games being released! Fuck yes!