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Entry #51

Super Meat Boy commercial!

2010-10-12 03:16:16 by Bluebaby

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"one of the best platformers I've ever played." -Joystiq 4.5/5

"SMB is easily one of the best games available on Xbox Live Arcade and should be considered one of the finest 2D platformers ever made."

8 days to go!


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2014-06-06 02:22:25

Nice job on the Faceinator submission! (Faceist almost looked like Fascist...) Hey, you know any Newgrounders to the north of you?


2014-01-30 15:07:35

We miss you.


2012-11-08 22:39:41

Still waitin on the Triachnid sequel...


2012-11-02 22:28:46



2012-09-21 20:26:49

Three suggestions!!:

1- Altough you left Cryptic sea you should keep movin on with GISH 2 (have demo)

2-Make a downloadable (PC) version of SMB chapter 1 (complete with lil slugger( dont make it like GISH demo,3 godamned levels only!!)

3- There is a Binding of isaac fan ideas wiki you should check there for something extra for WoTL
(check the ultra sins in bosses/monsters theyre fantastic)

GISH,SMB and BoI will live!!!!


2012-03-01 07:55:08

Hello bluebaby,i bought the binding of isaac and it was freaking awesome! i deafeted mom for the first time and ive even unlocked "EVE",but what i want update for this.Its been like a year since the halloween update came,(and i thought this game was already haloweeny)i want the game to have a boss rush,can i hav new karactar pls?and can we have a new enemy?if you say still wait for the next update...if you say yes i will wait again.....;)



2012-01-28 05:58:16

Your stil on NG this newspost is old as hell.


2012-01-14 14:28:20

so why is marlyn manson playing super meat boy?


2012-01-08 01:17:00

What a great decade to be born in!


2011-11-03 17:43:07

Like it!


2011-10-18 21:35:40

Your drawings are horrible.


2011-10-17 20:21:22

Hiya! Super meat boy's cooler than ice. Quick Isaac comment though. What's the point? go and answer that why don't you? >.>


2011-10-13 19:02:39

I love how back then some games are extremely difficult so that they make you want to continue instead of just completing it and leaving it never to be seen again. When you complete a game like this u feel like u accomplished something instead of thinking like "is that all" Games like this are really classics because of the Originality, the well thought out levels, and the story line. This is why i think this is a game that deserves to be bought.


2011-10-09 05:32:01

bought the ultra ediotion in the store last week.....I LOVE IT!


2011-10-09 03:13:00

Hi, in the Binding of isaac game, I don't see how his toys, or clothing are evil, I mean seriously, Unless, pehaps it was play boy or vodoo or some stupid crap like that... I mean, seriously...


2011-10-09 01:41:13

Um, Wiggly?

Wiggly as in Chikara Pro?


2011-09-11 20:56:06

Love super meat boy its so beasty looking. keep up the good work.


2011-08-19 10:53:20

can you tell me a link to download it.
not buy it?


2011-07-09 18:22:13

Wow but i have SMB but when i started playing it i made hundreds of im stuck on the end.not the world the last level


2011-06-22 11:57:26

you remember me krinkels, lol


2011-05-02 09:02:45

Congrats on convincing me not to play this game because that fag is.
well fuck, im a fag too.


2011-01-28 12:14:14

Heres what I dont like. You can NOT say this is one of the best platformers ever made, anyone who says that is just an unrealistic critic such as movies. I WILL say it is a really great and addictive game that has great replay value, and the commercial is highly impressive, it reminds me of the good ol glory days :).

I look forward to seeing more of your work :) I am a fan.


2011-01-19 11:39:36

I played it , and passed it . Best platformer ever , never been so addicted to a game , not to mention to be so glad to pass a level . Just i am glad so many people like this game , because that is what it deserves !


2011-01-04 13:59:38

Any chance for a Mac release?


2010-12-30 22:51:06

When will we be seeing an Aether 2?


2010-12-21 02:47:26

Sorry about my comment I waspissed off that day, most of your games are great...


2010-12-11 16:53:24

super meat boy is the best platformer i ever seen
i love you guys (Edmund and Tommy <3)
and i hope you will make super meat boy 2... but i read somewhere you doing another game
what is it?


2010-12-06 22:31:42

omg is this a real commercial from the 90s? omg haaah a the 90s have amusing ridiculous hair and clothing.

"JUMP UP!!!!" "OVER 7 LEVELS!!!!" he he he...


2010-12-06 22:30:19

this is a real commercial????is it actually from the 90s?
"JUMP UP!!!!" "OVER 7(!) LEVELS!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
the 90s amuse me with their ridiculous


2010-12-05 00:37:56

I love Super Meat Boy, Edmund. Thank you for blessing us with this wonderful game.

I'd like to ask, were you expecting such an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the game?


2010-12-04 12:22:24

so many great quotes.


2010-12-02 23:01:52

Meat Boy needs medals. Really, it does.


2010-12-01 00:42:21

Hey I think I ran into a bug on the PC version of SMB

You can't press esc to get out of the first boss level.. not sure about the rest of them
I pressed esc on an earlier level and it took me back to the level menu but the boss level it didn't


2010-11-29 18:38:47

I saw Super meat boy on one of those game reviewing shows, and they gave it 9.5 out of 10!


2010-11-29 09:54:54

Yikes .__.;;


2010-11-28 10:05:42

Obsdian has 173 employees

Edmund has his beard


2010-11-25 11:08:06

I just pre-ordered it on Steam. I look forward to playing.


2010-11-22 13:19:47

5 more day's!
i cant wait!!! :D
SMB will be AWSOME! :D


2010-11-19 02:41:32

I heard it's a possibility this might go on the Nintendo 3DS, if it does that would be so awesome.


2010-11-17 18:38:23

gj mate this got big rather quick


2010-11-10 14:54:40

hey Man i just saw the review in attack of the show it looks awesom, im gonna download it as soon as i have some credits.
great game!


2010-11-06 14:08:07



2010-11-04 23:23:08

I've been anticipating this game since you said it was going to XBL. I bought it the first day it came out.
That same night I beat the light world campaign. The game is fantastic and I cannot express how awesome you are for making it.
I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it, and your artwork is awesome :D


2010-10-27 21:46:03

That commercial was AWESOME!

I loved Meat Boy flash and I want to play Super Meat Boy. But when is it coming out here in Japan? *frownyface* I keep waking up, booting the seX-Box up and I still don't see it in the marketplace Q_Q Maybe I should've stayed in America a couple weeks longer just to pway it.


2010-10-27 21:25:52

one thing WTF


2010-10-27 20:33:41

All of the other of your games that I've played Sucked, so I know that this one will too, there's know way I'm play that one.


2010-10-27 14:45:29

this would be great for the nintendo ds..


2010-10-27 13:04:28

Congratulations on all your success Edmund. I recently watched a few video reviews and I must say, this game looks absolutely phenomenal. Once I get my wireless set back up i'll for sure be buying this one.

You're a shining light for Newgrounds, something i'm not sure anyone thought we be achieved ten years ago when this all began. We've cracked the world of real-console gaming, and not just cracked it, but completely blew it to smithereens.

Inspirational stuff man, keep it up.


2010-10-26 20:42:48

Super Meatboy looks fantastic, although I'll be waiting for the PC release.


2010-10-26 17:15:01

Downloaded it, and love it :D

The controls are so much better than using a keyboard on the PC, and I love seeing all my deaths after I finally win a level.

Also, I got my friend into Meat Boy as well just by making him play it once >:3 He got mad at me for getting him "addicted."