DUDE, i made that game gish.. remember gish.. that game that came out like 3 years ago that never went anywhere.. that one. im cool you fucking assholes. oh also super meat boy

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lloks more from the 80 than from the 90
is funny how a new game commercials have that charming nostalgia atmosphere... fuck im getting old


i plan on getting it on steam B)

NICE! Ill be one of the first to buy it, i love your games!

Don't suppose I could score a free copy for my past donation now that it's my turn to be broke? ;)

Your game haz flaws. and Im going to tell everyon on the onlines.


Seriously, though. Congrats, brother. It's a badass commercial and some serious kudos you got there.


:( I was hoping it'd come out on Wii sooner. 100% completed the online meat boy and was left wanting moreeee

The ad's perfect, totally reminds me of when I used to see the same ad for Screwball Scramble or Hydro Strike or fuckin Spider-Man's wicked car that could drive upside down every 10 minutes. Seems more 80s than 90s though, I dunno

I jus mentioned yesterday that I'm still usin yr old Wacom.
and I heard you on a podcast last week n you were TOTALLY SPEAKIN MY LANGUAGE, which is weird cos I usually hate listenin to indie game people.

Just to warn ya though: Don't ignore all the good reviews just because they're good, or because they're from people you expected to like it anyway.
Negative reviews are usually more in-depth than good ones, so it's tempting to just breeze passed all the good ones n focus on the bad.
That's somethin I do all the time, so I thought I might aswell give you a heads up before you fall down the same trap.

uhh...i guess microsoft payed you crap loads of money to keep it off ps3 am i right? anyway whats the date for wii?

It is coming to Wii also right?

yes in a month or so

*Read the comments.

Sorry, it is. Thankx

reminded me of the old super nintendo ads when i was a kid..GOOD JOB TEAM MEAT!

Great add, I'm so desperate to buy this game when it comes out for the PC!


Amazing stuff Bluebaby, i'm certainly purchasing this one!

Good luck with your future in the (indi?) gaming industry :)

was that your wife?

no, its not

The moment it's going to the mac I will hug you <3

odd i thought it was for wii and PC too.
i may not be able to play it on my SP3 but i can still play it on PC.

its also for wii pc and mac just not this month

^Aw shit spelling error?!

Holy shit. Too bad it wont come on a DS. I want sum portable meat boi.

OMG kood u put it on psp cos my xbox doesnt work

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