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Super Meat Boy commercial!

2010-10-12 03:16:16 by Bluebaby

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"one of the best platformers I've ever played." -Joystiq 4.5/5

"SMB is easily one of the best games available on Xbox Live Arcade and should be considered one of the finest 2D platformers ever made."

8 days to go!


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2012-01-28 05:58:16

Your stil on NG this newspost is old as hell.


2012-03-01 07:55:08

Hello bluebaby,i bought the binding of isaac and it was freaking awesome! i deafeted mom for the first time and ive even unlocked "EVE",but what i want update for this.Its been like a year since the halloween update came,(and i thought this game was already haloweeny)i want the game to have a boss rush,can i hav new karactar pls?and can we have a new enemy?if you say still wait for the next update...if you say yes i will wait again.....;)



2012-09-21 20:26:49

Three suggestions!!:

1- Altough you left Cryptic sea you should keep movin on with GISH 2 (have demo)

2-Make a downloadable (PC) version of SMB chapter 1 (complete with lil slugger( dont make it like GISH demo,3 godamned levels only!!)

3- There is a Binding of isaac fan ideas wiki you should check there for something extra for WoTL
(check the ultra sins in bosses/monsters theyre fantastic)

GISH,SMB and BoI will live!!!!


2012-11-02 22:28:46



2012-11-08 22:39:41

Still waitin on the Triachnid sequel...


2014-01-30 15:07:35

We miss you.


2014-06-06 02:22:25

Nice job on the Faceinator submission! (Faceist almost looked like Fascist...) Hey, you know any Newgrounders to the north of you?