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Win a free Meat Boy Comic!

2009-10-29 02:09:37 by Bluebaby

Tommy and i have been giving away a free SMB comic (the one that's sold out in the NG store) every Friday from now till release via twitter.

Basically every week we will have a contest or quiz, and the winner gets a free comic sent to them. This Friday will be an art contest, so i hope NG users will have the advantage here, something like THIS would easily be shoe in. Either way im sure they would make awesome additions to the art portal.

So yeah, Follow us on twitter if you want in on the contests. (

And while your at it become a fan of Meat Boy on facebook.
( es/Super-Meat-Boy/150509031323?ref=ts)

Looking forward to seeing what you guys make! :)


(ps: i added a cryptic image from one of the meat boy cut scenes.. who could it be?)

Win a free Meat Boy Comic!


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2009-10-29 02:10:45

I love you man ;)


2009-10-29 02:49:17



2009-10-29 03:04:41

is it Waldo? if so, where did you find him?!?!?


2009-10-29 03:38:06

wow there's no way to have nothing to do on the internet, that's for sure.


2009-10-29 03:58:44

Im not a user of twitter, so let me ask this: we wait for your message there, and all the instructions will be written about the contest?

Bluebaby responds:

ill post the message on twitter friday at about 1


2009-10-29 04:57:25

Free toy after you buy the cereal...

Free comic after you make some art for us, although only one can win, but I get all teh meatboy arts!

Bluebaby responds:

are you under the impression i can do something with this art thats submitted? like somehow make profit off it? because if i can please tell me so i can do it.

the idea here is to give away A FEW comics to fans of meat boy.


2009-10-29 05:46:03

it's that guy from BRAID =)


2009-10-29 06:29:27

It has to bee Pico


2009-10-29 06:30:48

Its Salad-Pico!


2009-10-29 06:34:31

you're so cool. i dunno why.


2009-10-29 08:10:48

Not interested.


2009-10-29 08:16:18

Maybe that's Dr. Fetus, before he came out of the womb.

Wait, that makes no sense.


2009-10-29 10:06:39

He is super meat boy creator right ? , you than right ?
It is he: ontent/uploads/2009/04/meat-boy-tim.j pg


2009-10-29 10:19:35

boo im mad i had to buy em if youre giving em away.

Bluebaby responds:

yeah but you got a signed copy


2009-10-29 15:11:28

So should I just give you the link to the portal submission when i'm done?

Bluebaby responds:



2009-10-29 19:50:27

Meet boy fun me mak image


2009-10-29 19:55:44

Can i hav it for free? :D


2009-10-29 21:37:02

Is it elvis or....MAYBE EVEN YOU


2009-10-31 14:29:33

a lil' sumthin' sumthin' lj&s=4


2009-11-01 19:21:41

Thanks for the plug there to me and idiot-monarch's poster! I'm not much of a twitter-er but I'll have to check it out since it's meatboy, I had spent so long looking at those two pages of the comic in the art portal it would be silly not to check out the contest!

Bluebaby responds:

you should make something to enter this contest :) id love tosee something else meat boy releated from ya


2009-11-01 21:02:32

erm, is that vault boy?