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Time Fcuk

2009-09-16 21:31:12 by Bluebaby

Time Fukc is out!

Play it!

i made a lil trailer for it for those of you who are too lazy to click 2 more times.

/* */
Enjoy, William and i put a lot of work into it


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2009-09-16 21:35:42

Yay thats Nice, I just wish my Game was coming along good...


2009-09-16 21:35:55

game fcuking scuks ass


2009-09-16 21:39:42

It wasn't that bad, I thought. The effort was definitely there, and you could tell it had a lot more depth, than say, Cave of Wonders. The sound got grating and annoying after the first level (Probably done on purpose, but annoying, nonetheless).

I ended up getting about halfway through it before someone sent me a facebook chat message, which glitched the level and stopped everything. So I then hit play to discover it had skipped me to the next level. There's next to nothing you can do about it as a developer, but it just kind of soured the experience of playing it for the first time.

But there's no doubt I'll give it a few more shots to get the full effect. Props for coming out with a nice game so quickly.


2009-09-16 21:43:38

the level maker is so fucking cool. I CAME BUCKETS


2009-09-16 21:46:20

LOL I can skip levels by right click-play


2009-09-16 22:09:15

Okay now that was neat. :)


2009-09-16 22:13:46

Holy shit this game is awesome haha and kinda creepy

good job


2009-09-16 22:25:21

Fcuk yes!


2009-09-16 22:25:46

it's kool but i get a sorta shift feeling...

know what im sayin?
great game though



2009-09-16 22:53:36

You spelled Kufc wrong.


2009-09-16 23:32:45

Sometimes the game just fades to a black screen, while the music still continues, like right after I beat a mode or make a level or something.

Still a very sweet game even though it confuses the crap outta me, so I'll wait until you type up an aftermath post or something.


2009-09-16 23:41:37

Great stuff. The user content will be a lot of fun, though I think that a minimum of 4 characters in the title will prevent the new submissions from getting flooded with '1'. Perhaps putting in a check for number of objects used, so it prevents Explore mode from just being a series of falling into open portals for 8 stages .

Oh and my level is 427 - Existence.

Bluebaby responds:

your level is awesome. :)


2009-09-16 23:48:40

man u are a fucking genius. your game is amazing.


2009-09-16 23:49:48

This game needs to be a PSP or DS download.


2009-09-17 00:07:12

What Jonas said, I must have won 40 levels with out doing a damn thing.

Bluebaby responds:

yeah we deleted the medal for submitting a level so that should stop soon enough :) our mistake.

just vote down on shit levels and they wont appear


2009-09-17 01:13:28

will you ever revisit your old style?


2009-09-17 01:15:32

A new game from you always pleases my heart <3<3<3<3<3<3<3


2009-09-17 02:06:12

Aww, this has nothing to do with Time Fcuk, I just read your blurb. I remember GISH!!!!


2009-09-17 03:03:21

Actually, people can still get the medal for submitting a stage, it just isn't on the list on the game page.

Also, a lot of people are making instant-win levels so that they can easily review 333 levels. I think they're all pussies.

My levels: 130 and 478.

Great game!


2009-09-17 03:13:19

that game made my head hurt....


2009-09-17 03:18:22

Just finished it, fucking brilliant as usual! It was hard to follow but genius, is there supposed to be a set story or is it just something for people to ponder on?

Bluebaby responds:

its a set story


2009-09-17 05:54:14

A worthy game of the moment. I got a bit annoyed that immediately when a new game comes out by renowned developers, it's game of the moment and we should all just like it. Dadgame was a chaotic mess and Cave of Wonders was generic-glitch-city, but TIME FUNK deserves the attention. Fluid animation, interesting concept and powerful execution.

Though I'm still somewhat scared of Steven.

Great work, gang!

Bluebaby responds:



2009-09-17 06:31:59

I refuse to play that fcuking game.


2009-09-17 09:52:36

Dude, I love you.

And this game.

Not the gameplay I love. It's great, but just the concept and ideas and environment you create within flash. It's so damned unique and I love every aspect of it...


2009-09-17 11:04:59

lOOKS good, but when i visit the game i cant press the play button after loading for some reasone and that makes me really mad and frustraded!!!
so i rated it bad!


2009-09-17 11:59:14

That is my favourite game on Newgrounds. :) i loved it and enjoyed it so much, thanks! I'm making alevel, too. There are so many possibilities! :D Great concept and art too. And music fits nicely.


2009-09-17 12:00:14

I love that music. Anyway I can get a copy of it?

Bluebaby responds:


2009-09-17 12:10:57

Time...Fuck! D:


2009-09-17 13:55:43

God this game is fun.

Level 746, try that shit out.


2009-09-17 15:44:57

i wanna fuck you until you vomit blod man, you're great you make me so hard


2009-09-17 15:45:33

So i've got this idea that you ARE Steven


2009-09-17 16:01:37

Love iiiiiiit


2009-09-17 16:02:57

Hey dude. I want that pixelated dude to job out of my screen so I can beat the shit out of him for kicks. Nice game BlueBaby


2009-09-17 16:33:14

Edmund, will you be releasing this for download like Spewer?


2009-09-17 17:44:54

Medal Get: Weebl's secret island


2009-09-17 18:11:59

I fcuking love this game.


2009-09-17 19:28:03

You guys have created something amazing.


2009-09-17 19:43:04

Above and beyond my expectations, which were pretty darn high after meat boy and spewer. It amazes me how good you are at making fluid, simple, addictive gameplay.


2009-09-17 21:45:08

Very fun

Was that a true story at the end credits?

It was pretty interesting

Also 1107 if anyone wants to play my level I spent 5 minutes on


2009-09-17 23:03:51

jhahahah how unprofessional you just use Microsoft Voice???


2009-09-17 23:10:31

i beat it withn the good ending great game ed


2009-09-18 16:00:21

Cool, my level BoxesAtRisk (1332) is currently 3rd most awesome ^^


2009-09-18 17:23:46

The story is confusing. Would you be kind enough to elaborate on it? Really, it seems interesting and I want to know more.

Bluebaby responds: m/


2009-09-19 04:31:54

I can't play user generated levels anymore. when i click the button for either explore or unknown, nothing happens. please fix


2009-09-19 05:30:44

Will there ever be a tutorial for that game? I just barely beat it without having to use one of my Level skips.


2009-09-19 21:03:16

Time Fcuk makes Platform Racing 2 look like trash. xDDD

You're a god, Bluebaby. xD


2009-09-20 00:34:52

That was a fantastic game sir! I must say I am impressed by the deep meaning behind it; plus I find it intresting I was writing something eerily similar - to the extent of death/multiple versions of ourselves - not so much as questing existence/God. Still awesome!!!


2009-09-20 09:07:32

that game
dosen't work.


2009-09-20 10:10:59

I cant execute the game.. i get the preloader and when i press play nothing happens. Do i need to update Flash Player or some other stuff? I checked if there had been any recent updates of Flash Player but didnt find anything.

I remember Gish, liked it a lot. Sumo was hella funny ^^ we had tournaments in my dorm and Blobby Volley and Gish Sumo were the main events xD


2009-09-20 17:19:39

This Game Is SOOOO Awesome!!