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DUDE, i made that game gish.. remember gish.. that game that came out like 3 years ago that never went anywhere.. that one. im cool you fucking assholes. oh also super meat boy

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Best video game ad of all time?

Posted by Bluebaby - April 12th, 2009

I did this last night, im very very pleased with myself. Seriously, if you have any appreciation for anything ive ever done at all, you will post this image on your blog and spread the word.

SeGPQJYteeI/AAAAAAAAARU/JZgXqmpoSpI/s1 600-h/meat+cuts.jpg


Contest news: Ive been so fucking busy with Meat Boy, No Quarter and Spewer i haven't had enough time to go through the entries for the "draw me nude" contest. Ill take time out for it next week and post the results asap.


Best video game ad of all time?

Comments (62)

Holy fuck that's awesome.

Tell me how to get a game on WiiWare. I might have a worthy project for it.

I hope PETA is offended.

i hope everyone here sends this ad to peta...

lmao its true


I agree with Wurmy.

I plan on buying that game

too bad he actually wasn't.

also I posted my submission for the nude contest just now , its probaly disqualified for being so late.But as long as ive made someone luagh iv done my job.

If everyone sends this ad to peta it will be PERFECT!!!1!!!!!1111!

I'll have some cow nipple please. Medium.

I iz hulping by spredin teh wurd?

PETA could get you some nice advertising, they get mad easily.

That is definitely clever.

not kosher

Hahaha that's pretty cool. :)

I don't really understand the attraction to meatboy though, I've played it and beaten a few of the games (Saw the hilarious ending) and all, but the graphics were pretty amateur and the premise itself was very basic.

(Now that I typed it out, it sounds like this is perfect for the wii console, lmao)

Congrats though it's an amazing opportunity, and I'm sure you are enjoying it :D

youve beaten "a few of the games" but you dont understand the attraction? meat boys a damn hard game, one would think youd have to be attracted to the game to invest your time into it.

that said the console version will be very very improved.

I am vegetarian and I am also very much like Hitler.

I officially love you.

Scrap that - best AD ever.

Omg, i am going to send this to peta, anyway yeah man well done, its the perfect amount of verbal propaganda and visual effects to make me never want to be a vegan or a vegetarian for that matter... great work

Nah, I played all the way through the first one because it was foretold that it had an awesome ending. I got kinda bored and frustrated, but in the end I was rewarded. (I kinda saw it coming tho :P)

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