DUDE, i made that game gish.. remember gish.. that game that came out like 3 years ago that never went anywhere.. that one. im cool you fucking assholes. oh also super meat boy

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Win my Wacom Tablet (contest update)

Posted by Bluebaby - March 14th, 2009

Ive extended the final submission date of my "Draw me nude win my Wacom Tablet" contest. the contest now ends April 1st, due to the fact ill be at GDC for the last week of march.

There have been some amazing submission so far, check them out here http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/10 33214

heres the contest info for anyone that missed it:

ART CONTEST: Wacom Nude Portrait Contest!

I recently got a new wacom and want to give my previous tablet a new home, i thought what better way to give one away then making a contest where people draw me nude to win it!?

Draw me nude.

I dont care what you use, or how you make me look. just draw a picture of what you think id look like nude, best drawing gets my personal standard Wacom Intous 3 Graphics Tablet.

1. The picture must be of me, and i must be nude in it
2. No one else can be in the picture.
3. Humor is awarded above technical skill.. this is for a wacom tablet so i encourage all you mouse wielding maniacs to bust something out and win this thing.

Entries must be posted by 11:59pm on March 18th.

1st Place: My Personal (aka used) standard Wacom Intous 3 Graphics Tablet, and a signed copy of my CD, This is a Cry for Help.
2nd Place: A signed copy of my CD.
3rd Place: An unsigned copy of my CD
4th Place: A piece of paper that says fuck off loser on it, signed by me.


In other news last week i turned 29. For the 1st time in my life i feel about my age, and feel pretty good about turning 30 next year. The past year has been a huge learning experience and i just wanted to reach out and say thanks to everyone here that's supported my work for the past 8 years on NG and/or purchased my CD from the NG store.

I ended up renting out a karaoke bar for my birthday party, heres a little vid of the events that followed, it turned into a whos who of indie gaming.. i added info text due to constant comments asking who everyone was, enjoy!.

/* */



considering how much time and effort i put into this contest, i better win something :O

but seriously, happy belated birthday!


please can you tell me the song that plays in the second half of the video..

thanks in advance!

I wish this contest could go on till the end of time.

Wow, you got some awesome friends haa.. My piece is in the works... still in sketchbook.

Can i get some Gish balloons? Those look badass~~!

Most Homo Competition EVER XD


I don't want your crappy tablet >:C

Do you like the rectangular genitalia I gave you (third last on page two)?

Wow, you hang out with a lot of people who's games I admire and respect. That's really cool that you guys all chill together. Looks like a pretty bangin' birthday bash, and your wife was rather humorous.

:) yeah sadly i wasnt able to get the part where jblow blocks her punches and tries to take her down.. he was too quick.


Happy Birthday man!

it's about time someone punched that smarmy git >:(
nah but really, that was a fuckin who's who of indie gaming
happy borthdoy

4:31... coolest baloons ever!!
also, the song on the second half... it kinda sounds like Karen O.
I might be wrong though...

Dude, seriously how do you know all these cool game makers and shit? Your a really cool guy.

i know them because ive worked with almost all of them.

what is the songs name at the end please???????????

heey happey b-dey and thanks for deadline extention!!
I probably wont get the tablet tho, not because I can't win the contest, but because mail service may be cramped and expensive between USA and Turkiye :P

ahh you got the wolfire team and kyle gabler to wish you a happy birthday! YOU LUCKY MOTHERFUCKER!

Ahh... What has been seen, cannot be unseen.

My eyes!!

Hey Ed,

I sent you a pm regarding this contest and problems I had submitting it to the forum topic. Please let me know if you were able to get to the link. I hope you get this in time. Thanks.