DUDE, i made that game gish.. remember gish.. that game that came out like 3 years ago that never went anywhere.. that one. im cool you fucking assholes. oh also super meat boy

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Who owns a Wii?

Posted by Bluebaby - February 19th, 2009

Would you guys rather play Super Meat Boy on your PC or the Nintendo Wii?


So first off the unveiling of the Super Meat Boy Teaser trailer on gametrailers.com. Created by a good friend of mine James Id, the teaser is a huge throw back to those early 90s animated MTV video bumpers, Liquid Television and NES video game commercials. Meat Boy screams early 90s nostalgia, so i thought it would be perfect to do a teaser in the same vein, and James did a really great job here.

Lets Watch!In other news Cube Craft just posted a paper craft of Meat Boy, its quite awesome, hes sitting next to me as i type this.

Download him here: http://cubeecraft.com/cubee/meat-boy

Tommy and i also did an interview with Destructiod about SMB, another nice read for this super meat filled day.


Who owns a Wii?



I would love to be able to play Meat Boy on the wii too, maybe the 2 on the Wii is the jump and yeah, it would be pretty interesting :)

Nice, so super meat boy will be in the shop channel soon? It may give me something to do with my Wii now. Ya I'll probaly get it, I'll just have to round up enough money first. So it looks pretty cool, the different videos I watched did really help me understand how the game is played but it looks good anyways. I very interested in it.

I have a Wii and so does my friend Eddie and we love Meat Boy!

I gotst a wii! I just need to but Super Meat Boy 1st..... I'm outs of de cash.

Haha, nice commercial. Super Meat Boy is starting to turn out to be bigger than I thought it would be. I don't own a Wii but if it comes out on the computer, I'll buy it.

And stop being so talented.

I don't own a Wii, but I'm still pretty excited about this. I think it's cool to see more and more flash games turn into console games.

Ohh on Wii.
I have not got wee, but it i love to hear new about yout progress.
Nice job.

Haha. I guess I have to plug back in my Wii for this. When is the expected release date for SMB?

I'd rather play it on the Wii, bigger image, playable anywhere, etc. But adapting it to the PC wouls be nice and more profitable as not everyone has a Wii.

Wii is actually the best selling system of all time, more peopel have wiis then any other console. if a game comes out on both PC and Wii at the same time, the Wii version will sell about 60-70% better on Wii then PC (steam, retail and so on)

we want to release on both, i just was wondering how many would rather play it on the wii if they had both

I own a wii and i would play Super Meat Boy on my wii

i own one

I would love to play it on the PC, because I don't own a Wii. But I would still play Super Meat Boy on a Wii if I had one.

why cant it come out on console rather than wiiware?

if it was as easy as just saying.. yeah lets put this on xbla as well, then we would do it.

There is a TON thats involved when it comes to getting a game approved for xbla and ps3.. that and the fact that i dont have 10k for an xbox kit, or 15k for a ps3 kit.

Wii dev kits are only 2k.

on Wii cos I like my TV and I like using the Wiimote as a NES controller


I think it would be good to have it on x-box as well

I would love a PC version... because wii is not so popular here yet.

I own a Wii, however, here in latinamerica it is impossible to get WiiWare store points, however, whenever some friend/family/whoever goes to USA or somewhere where they're sold, I guess I could give them money to get me some, I'd love to see the Wii version!

VirusN what are you talking about wii is very popular on argentina

I am going buy it when it comes out.

Also I made a post in tribute to you, Edmund.

<a href="http://johnny29.newgrounds.com/news/post/268221">http://johnny29.newgrounds.com/news/p ost/268221</a>


It would be better on PC for sure.
Still It could be awesome for wii.
Why not make it for both?

we are making it for both :)

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