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Virgin Zombie!

Posted by Bluebaby - February 11th, 2009

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A time lapsed video of me drawing a Zombie virgin Mary for a local gallery.

it took about 2 and a half hours to draw, cut down to 8 min for the video.

Check out a semi finished export here.
com/2009/02/zombie-mary-time-lapsed-dr awing.html

Questions are welcome.




I wish I could piss blood

I can't draw can I.... =(

post finished pic?

i posted a link to the semi final pic, i still need to do a BG and specular stuff to have it finished.

Zombie Virgin Mary?!
You must have an awesome local gallery.

And my, that drawing.
I think that must be the most jealous-ridden 8 minutes of my entire life. Good job!

Great work, really cool.

hey, you skipped the part where traced mary

you mean the part where i scanned in the picture i drew on paper first?

The line work is amazing. Very cool to see your process. I'll have to try the underpainting approach sometime.

thanks, yeah its something thats usualy used in photoshop. but no reason why it cant be done in flash right? :)

How do your brush strokes come out perfect on the first go? Are you using a Cintiq? This is madness. Ur skills, dey r so uber. Omg.

i use a wacom penpad intuos 3. i usually just draw fast to get those lines, but ive been using a tablet for about 5 years.

Very cool work, but dude, why waste your time underpainting like that? All you've gotta do is fill in the line art, make a layer below it, cut and paste in place. Then on that layer choose "fill only" as the brush property. That would definitely have shaved at least 20 minutes off your total time. But hey, do what you do. I digg it.

this is true.. good call. :)

Impressive, shows how much effort goes into such things like the light of the heart that I usually overlook in similar pics.
Excellently done, especially as you must have been at least slightly hindered by screencapping it.

so good but if she was out on a friday night it would have to be a no... no... from me =D.

you believe in hell!? hah!

no seriously, the gray line at the end really brought out her eyes

shes letting jesus into her heart............literaly.

really cool to see how artists go about their process, really cool drawing and colouring.

questions, um, what were the keyframes for? is it a kinda way to save progress and go back?
and the bright red you were doing at first, that was a mask right? for the "softedge circle" to shine through?
and how come you coloured all the big fills by hand instead of doing a kind of paintbucket-copy-to-another-layer kind thing? or duplicating the lines-layer and colouring them in with the paintbucket on the layer underneath?

i key frame so i cane save the states incase i want to go back.

the bright red isnt a mask, it was originally going to be a red light but i didnt like how it looked so i changed it to yellow green in the end, the gradient light i placed at the end just went over the image.

I didnt use the paint bucket because im an idiot.

Wow, that is epic. Great job man.


That was the coolest thing ever ;)

thanks for the vid.

The most jealous 8 mins of my life. looks amazing.

Is that a very different version of a Mars Volta song in the background?

It's great to know that I have been using the same method and technique for drawing in Flash as you do, all along. The picture was great, mostly for the idea.

Crap, I forgot to ask. I noticed you using multiple frames, but I don't understand why. Is it so you could make a reference as to how it looked previously or.. something?

i key frame so i can save the states incase i want to go back.

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