DUDE, i made that game gish.. remember gish.. that game that came out like 3 years ago that never went anywhere.. that one. im cool you fucking assholes. oh also super meat boy

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Super Meat Boy coming to Wiiware!

Posted by Bluebaby - January 26th, 2009

So im sure most of you know that Super Meat Boy is scheduled for a Wiiware release sometime this year, a few detectives found the website early and the info made its way around the net before i could send out my official press release.. but for the hell of it i thought id post my official press release here (to show you all how a real press release is written!!!)


Are you a fan of small cubes of animated meat?

Do you enjoy the sound of buzz saws?

When you hear the term "wall jump" do you get excited?

Well, what if you woke up to find you were made of a lump of juicy raw meat, your girlfriend was made of band-aids and to top it all off she had been kidnapped by a fetus in a jar wearing a suit and monocle? Would that be totally awesome? or just kinda awesome?

Well I'm hoping you chose totally awesome, because that's basically the premise of Super Meat Boy.

In Super Meat Boy you take the role of a small animated cube of meat on his quest to save his lady love Band-Aid girl from the clutches of the evil Dr. Fetus! Sliding his way through saw mills, salt factories and even hell itself, Meat boy jumps into action in this fast paced and extremely challenging platformer that will "melt your face off".

Super Meat Boy is based off the popular flash game Meat Boy hosted by Newgrounds.com. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

Super Meat Boy will be completely remade from the ground up for its release on Wiiware%u2122 and will feature over 100+ single player levels, insane boss fights, competitive vs modes, beefy co-op play and a slew of unlockables that are rumored to fill your life with great happiness!

SMB (best abbreviation ever) is being designed by Gish co-creator Edmund McMillen, Tommy Refenes and "Big" Jon McEntee.

We will be documenting Meat Boy's rebirth for Wiiware on our development blog via Supermeatboy.com so feel free to pop in and tell us all your lame ideas we will never use!

Thanks for the support! and keep indie gaming alive!

-Team Meat

Nintendo trademarks used under license. WiiWare is available only through the Wii console.


Tommy and I will be updating the SMB dev blog weekly, most of the info wont be posted here so if your interested feel free to subscribe to it as well.

So at this point my work load is obviously packed, i have 2 more flash games planned for release in the next month, but after those it will only be SMB, No Quarter and (secret unannounced console title) till the end of the year.

Wish me luck! and spread the word!

Super Meat Boy coming to Wiiware!



will it still have the little lines that enable you to see the background and really shouldn't be there, but are there anyways?

are you playing the game full screen? those lines shoulnt be visiable in the flash version if its not full scree...

and yes there will be huge gaps between each tile in the wiiware version, even larger ones this time

Awesome I'l try to bye it but can I just say that I think you should make the game have a actual story than just your girlfriend is stolen get her back... Oh and could you make a larger map and talking character's and objectives so it has the look of a rpg but has the feel of, well meat boy!

It would be a honer if you posted on my page

there is no way in hell any of those suggestions will be added ever.

can't wait:D
and just want to let you know...thats an NES cartridge not an snes

Good job making a flash game so popular an upgraded version can be made into a console game!

Wait, wasn't I the first one to post about Meat Boy coming to the Wii on the BBS? Hooray for secret detective-ness!

But I really am incredibly excited about a Wii release for Super Meat Boy. I don't have a Wii *sigh*, but I will hands down get it for the PC! :) Good luck with the game!

Yeah with wiiware we assume that a lot of the content might not pass approval, whatever doesn't make it will make it into the PC version... that is to say that the pc version will probably be the purest vision of super meat boy there will be.

but you never know, i think as long as esrb passes us as T for teen or T+ nintendo will be fine with it. Obvious NG exclusive content found in the flash version will not be remade for the wii version :)

is there going to be a level creator? probably not huh

anyways this is awesome and way better than alien hominind omg i can wait!!! first time im not playing a 360 game in a while

HOLY SHIT AWESOME! I love MeatBoy and playing it on the wii will be awesome, will there be online play? And I hope you can make the wii as full as the PC version

Sounds like it's gonna be FABULOUS, I'm looking forward to it. Also your CD is great, it has already given me hours of enjoyment :)

Inrelated, but I adore Aether.

I wonder how much Wii points it will cost.

I haven't turned the wii on is ages. I think you may have just given me reason to.

Take it easy, Ed.

oh my God

this is fucking sweet

Congrats on your recent title announcement. Good luck with development!

congratz! I will let all my wii friends and giant friends (HAHAHAHA) know! I can't wait to get it Mr. Baby. Lol amf i'm writing all this on my wii right now.


ps it would be funny to see super cunt make it to wii ware!

I like Meat Boy, but I do have a little request. Since the building blocks of the level and Meat Boy are both square (pretty much the same size too), it gets hard to tell them apart. The colors of the level and Meat Boy are dark so he also blends in with the background. It's kinda hard to steer in the air, since you glide (meat can glide?) and it takes awhile to change direction (inertia?). He seems to go horizontal in the air faster than he goes vertical. Anyway, I love your stuff, both the random and the meaningful.

I'd still play it, even if you didn't take my request. It's just that awesome.


those are both good requests that we are going to address in SMB for sure. The controls will be a lot tighter.

Woah. I hadn't heard about this news.

Super Meat Boy is sure to be awesome, but I suggest having a decent number of easy levels for those weirdos who will complain after buying the game because they can't beat a stage. =P

there will be twice the number of levels so the difficulty will ramp up a little slower then the flash version. but there will be an extra chapter for all the hardcore meat boy fans out there that will rival the map pack in difficulty :)

Will you ad a map editor? pleaaaaaase

You know, with all of these hardcore "M" games like "House of the Dead: Overkill", "MadWorld", and "The Conduit" coming out, I'm sure Super Meat Boy would bring hardcore to Wiiware, too. It would be a refreshing break from the norm to see an "M" title on Wiiware :)

I'm so excited for meatboy on wiiware...
I hope Aether can make its way over there too! :D

- ProfessorKatz

I really hope that the wii version comes uncensored, i mean i loved every bit of the original and the map pack, also i was very sa... frustrated when some people chickend about the hot cofee ending. Its just a game! Darn, its not racist, hateful or iligal, and everyone should love it the way it is meant to be!

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