DUDE, i made that game gish.. remember gish.. that game that came out like 3 years ago that never went anywhere.. that one. im cool you fucking assholes. oh also super meat boy

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Posted by Bluebaby - October 30th, 2008

I finished another game!

Grey Matter

I made it with Tommy (of Goo! fame), he was awesome to work with and had some great input that really made the game (ie the trinity attack). I'm very proud of the outcome, its unlike anything else ive done.

Read all about it on my new super cool dev blog

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oh god not agian

Tommunism? Shit youre taking it old school.

fuck yeah man, hes back and hes ready to kill!

Playing with cock jokes is more fun.

I haven't heard about Tommunism since high school.

Tommunism's coding is excellent. Game kinda reminds me of Goo. Plays great with the XBOX 360 controller.

I played it
it was awesome
best game this week or maybe better

You make alot of best games eva. They fucking rule.

release meat boy level pack NOW N***A

That was a mistake about that commet.See,my sister is twisted,she likes to mess with my personal life........But,i played it.......and i love it....realy realy like it......

Jessy Tolliver

I bought your CD. Now draw me a giant slab of HORSE MEAT on it. :3

I also bought your cd, are they already signed or are you signing them on order?

Wait, does your disc come with the complete Gish game? If so, I will buy it because HOLY FUCKING SHIT GISH IS THE BEST GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED! I asked for it for my birthday once and my brother didn't get it for me! So yes, if I get Gish, I shall buy it. Thanks.

it doesnt have the full version of gish, but it does have gish the lost levels, a stand alone unrelease game we made last year with the gish 1 engine

Your wife makes the coolest stuffed animals ever, I'm probably going to buy them all at some point so give her a warning.

Unrelated topic but what happened to the gish 2 homepage?

it got taken down when our host went under, it will come back onec we are working on it again full time

Received the disk today, came in excitement. But wtf dude... could the pen you used to write "eat it" have been any less erasable on a mat surface. But nah dude - awesome buy :3

haha yeah sadly you got one of the 1st run special ones.. i got a better pen now!

This is so weird...I've loved your stuff for many years and never realized you live where I do. It sorta makes sense though. Anyways, thank you for years of awesomeness! Keep it coming! I will be buying your spiffy CD very soon.


if you live in santa cruz you can pick up a cd at.... Streetlight, comicopolis, atlantis and cardboard spaceship.. you save on shipping.


Some of those comics are great though, especially the Asian woman who wants to impregnate that man :3

You are my favorite game designer. First Tri-Achnind, now this. You should work for Number None. They could use a talented and creative mind like yours.

technically i have, i did the character design and animation for Braid.

Awesome man, I'll be sure to check it out.

I absolutely LOVED Aether, and I'm sure you had fun working with Glaiel as well :p
Does your CD come with Aether by any chance? I know it's downloadable, but I'd love to have you stuff in one neat little package, including Aether :D

an exe and flash version of Aether are both on the cd.

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