DUDE, i made that game gish.. remember gish.. that game that came out like 3 years ago that never went anywhere.. that one. im cool you fucking assholes. oh also super meat boy

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are you serious?
burn the rope??????

congrats to you.

yeah a lot of people have been freaking out about YHTBTR... its a strange one to see makeit to the finals over other very well made and innovative games.

yea. most of the games i've seen on there (i haven't followed much of it thus far, only from what glaiel has showed me) , they all look too professional. i realize you are considered pro if you make the least bit money off of something, but games that already have a shot at bigger things like XBLA or any other developers, should not be allowed to enter. this festival is for 'beta' games that can be potentially worked out with a developer in the future and made into a full game with a large team.

but the smaller games have no chance in their 'beta' stage when full games are being submitted alongside them. it sucks.

we must protest by tatooing ourselves with newgrounds logos and streaking through the award ceremony

yeah thats not true at all, the festival is for more finished indie games. it not a question of looking pro, 2 peopel can make a very pro looking indie game (look at braid and world of goo) its a question if the people entering really need the money and press more then a team whos game isnt on console and has very little money.

Yeah. You're right, pro wasn't the right word. But I mean, even as a 5 man team competing against a 2 man team, it's unfair and always will be. But it seems like the huge 3d games with tons of models, textures, and all that look like they were made with at least 5 man teams as opposed to one of the smaller, 'plant looking games'.

It just seems like the choices get a bit random when they start choosing 'beta' looking games that have JUST AS GOOD potential, intermixed with 'fully finished and refined' games. Beta games beat out other finished looking games and other finished looking games get beat out by beta games. The whole thing is subjective.

It's just opinion whether or not you like seeing smaller teams of people win with a smaller game to go on and develop it as a fullscale game with a company, rather than a bigger team of people making the entire game and going straight for publicatication.

I don't really know what i'm saying, i'm just ranting but in the end, they should really spend more time looking at who and how many worked on the game as well as the quality. Giving attention to a big group of people really does suck compared to giving it to a couple of kids outta high school who try to hit it big.


Good job, I really enjoyed coil. It was very simple, though the objective in the game was never clear I thought that added to the game.

YHTBTR? Well made? it was nice, but it was more of a joke than anything else. How would I go about entering, I wanna enter for the next year :P.

and yes braid and world of goo kick ass. they finished and polished a game off with a couple people. that's amazing. they look like they were completed by more. that is my bad.

but you're right, they should look more at who developed it as well as the game itself

yeah braid was made by 3 guys (jon, daniel and myself) and world of goo was made by 2 (kyle and ron) but it was ported by another programmer.

Anything where you have to pay for a nomination is broken IMHO.

if it was free to enter there would be 1000s of games to judge. thats not possible. the fee is to shut out the peopel who arnt serious about their games.

if you dont believe in your game enough to drop $100 for it, then you probably shouldnt be working on that game :)

I completely agree about the games made by bigger groups...
They shouldn't be going up against wonderful true indie games...

you made Gish? NO WAY! I was just thinking about Gish!

I'll hopefully be able to buy your CD next week brahhh

Just bough your CD <3 :)